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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Swamp Water

I am here in Miami Beach visiting a friend of mine who incidentally refuses to like my blog on Facebook.

Anyhow, his stubborn mentality notwithstanding, I am enjoying my time in South Beach. (Well Coral Gables but that name doesn’t have the same sizzle)

To watch Michigan’s predestined journey to the Final Four, we came to our favorite bar in Brickell- Brother Jimmy’s BBQ.

The bartender just asked us if we are on spring break. Flattered by her feeble attempt to make me feel young, I said no and ordered the standard Jack and diet.

My other friend rather inspired by her comment ordered their signature cocktail- “Swamp Water”. Swamp water comes in a goldfish tank and includes a rubber alligator that serves as garnish. The drink itself is probably 200 grams of sugar and zero alcohol but looks like a lot of fun.

After sitting down, some locals asked if we were from out of town and advised my friend to dump his Swamp Water and order a real drink to save face.

Obviously he didn’t nor should he have.

But, this does beg the question: when do you become too old to partake in juvenile revelry? Better yet, when are you too old to go on spring break?




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