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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Cathay Pacific The Arrival Lounge Hong Kong

The Cathay Pacific The Arrival Lounge Hong Kong Review is part of the Trip Report: The $77,000 Trip Heard Round the World which covers 5 Continents, 13 Countries, and 17 Cities.

Find the nerdy planning here. Find the picture preview here.

After a smooth business class flight aboard Cathay from NRT, I had three hours in Hong Kong before my first lie-flat experience.

Cathay has more lounge varieties than Chevy trucks. As a transit passenger, I was given access to The Arrival Lounge, a quiet sanctuary in the middle of the bustling HKG airport. With a few hours to relax, I setup my own mobile work station, asked for a glass of champagne, and feasted on wieners and onion rings.

Seriously, baby wieners
Seriously, baby wieners
The Lounge
The Lounge
The champagne
The champagne
Cathay Pacific The Arrival Lounge Hong Kong Review
The mobile work station

Since it was late in the evening, the lounge was quiet and empty. I spent my time reviewing the complex itinerary instead of TPOL’s new norm- walking around, taking pictures. Maybe it was because I wasn’t in ‘blog mode’ but I can’t recall a lounge that was more comfortable than this one. I felt like I was unwinding at home, not in Hong Kong moments away from catching a flight to Australia.

As part of my RTW itinerary, I would cross through this lounge again. Again I would find it empty yet peaceful.

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