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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Chase Sapphire: Great Downgrade to Plastic

I finally received my Chase Sapphire after forgetting it at a bar a year ago. In between then and now, I downgraded the card from the Preferred to the regular because I didn’t want to pay the annual fee after years of doing so. When it arrived, it looked exactly like the old one but looks are clearly deceiving. Gone is the impressive titanium. Now it’s just another piece of plastic.

Or is it?

Actually, the normal Chase Sapphire may be one of the best cards out there when coupled with the Ink. Let me list the benefits besides the absence of an annual fee: First, there is the same Sapphire customer service where an agent picks up immediately. Avid TPOLeans know how much I hate the automated phone system. Second, basic transactions still earn 1X point and dining still yields 2x points. There is no 2X travel bonus unless bookings are made within the Ultimate Reward portal.

I called Chase and the agent confirmed that the points earned are only transferable to your UR account if you have a Chase Ink. With Chase cracking down and annual fees becoming excessive, I am glad that this card is still offered as a downgrade. I only wish it was made from titanium.

Am I the strongest man alive? No, that’s the sapphire unpreferred


  1. Can you transfer the chase sapphire points to a spouse who has a chase ink? also, any idea if the rental car coverage remains the same between preferred and non-preferred sapphires?

    • I hate when I do not have answers so I can only make guesses. To the first, I honestly have no idea. To the second, I would say no believing but would add that your ink should protect you for rentals, right?

      • Ink only covers your rentals if made for business related purposes. So, renting a car on vacation wouldn’t be covered. Wouldn’t want to be denied coverge on those grounds…

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