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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Citi Prestige: Being Different Is Stupid

I’ve already written about how the Citi Prestige credit card which comes with great benefits is the worst card in terms of how the card looks and feels. (Read the response I received from an imbecile who didn’t get the sarcasm.)

Well the stupidity of Citi’s ‘prestige’ card with its annual fee of $450 continued all weekend in Phoenix and today at the airport where the cashier couldn’t figure out how to swipe the card.

Why the confusion? Because Citi in its feeble attempt to be clever put the swiping strip on the front of the card. It blends in with the card so even those looking for it have a hard time finding it.

A few times this weekend merchants said my card didn’t work making me look like I had insufficient funds to process transactions. Other times I had to instruct the merchant how to use the card making me look like a jerk to onlookers.

It makes zero sense why Citi would make this stupid change. It would be like car manufacturers flipping the turn signal indicators so that a down shift would mean I’m turning right and flipping the lever up would mean I’m going left.

The cool factor of a new credit card product is trumped when the actual purpose of the card, swiping, is rendered next to impossible.

My Citi ThankYou card is on its way and from what I read it also has this same ‘feature’.

And that’s what grinds my gears.



  1. AGREED. When are they going to fix this? I literally have not used it once since I got it and had the clerk swipe it correctly the first time. It’s maddening. And then the clerks often seem annoyed with me… makes me want to use a different card; sorry Prestige. I’ll use your benefits but I won’t use you.

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