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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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To Reply Or Not Reply?

One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is because it provides an open forum where I receive comments about whatever nonsense/insight I decide to write about on a given day. The biggest downside about the comments section is how it requires users to submit their email address in order to post a comment. From there commentators receive too many emails well beyond what they post. Unlike Facebook, blogs under WordPress make it more tedious to engage in a conversation then jump out of one. For that reason, I don’t require users to put their email address in order to post. The problem with this is that users post, I reply then I never receive a response back.

Another issue with blogs is when some imbecile posts a comment that is incendiary or so misguided that I have to decide whether or not to respond. Nothing good comes from a social media dispute but lately I’ve decided to engage/fire back at comments that I think are dumb.

Why do I do so? Because I’m hoping to find out if they really believe what they are writing is true or if they truly don’t understand what I am saying is light-hearted. Again, the issue is that these users will reply with fake emails then never return to read my response.

Is it worth responding in the first place? I would say leave a comment but I don’t think many will follow-up beyond that!




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