Costco Delivery Review: On Demand Broccoli!


The Costco Delivery Review goes under the Expat Life category because life as an expat is easy for TPOL in Scottsdale. Sure it’s unseasonably cold this week of February with a high of 70, making it necessary to wear a winter coat to a Giants spring training game. But, the warm weeks are in the near future and when the hot summer does come, TPOL will be on his way to Albania. In the interim, I’m working on my golf game and trying to fit in with the gym psychos: #crossfitbro! (see C n B: An Expat’s Guide to Eating Healthy and see All Kinds of Gains: An Expat’s Guide to Exercise). Unlike my Mongolia expat life, I don’t have to workout in a Soviet era gym, and I don’t have to bargain for groceries. Instead, I can easily order all the broccoli and egg whites I need from in order to perfect The Tahiti Diet. So long as the order exceeds $35 which is not a challenge when shopping at Costco, the goods will be delivered within an hour. And the delivery guy will bring it right up to my apartment.

Unlike my greedy ways with Uber and Uber Eats, I tip the driver because of the convenience of this service. I don’t have to drive anywhere, I don’t have to walk all the way to the back of Costco, and I don’t have to stand in line. This is the way that expat life used to be in Shanghai when Sherpa’s used to deliver whatever I wanted after a night out on the town. It makes me wonder if it’s worth living overseas or if I should relocate to Scottsdale permanently. All I need to do is grow a beard, buy a used Maserati, and practice using ‘like’ more often when I speak. After all who wouldn’t want to be the COG at the W pool? That all sounds great until I read this post and realize there’s more to life than 299 days of sun.

Beyond the rant, I wish every place I lived had Costco delivery service. On top of that, the website accepts Amex too. It’s as close to heaven as I will get.



  1. Another non sequitur here, but I’m looking at applying for the Amex Blue Business Plus, likely in a month to six weeks. If you have one, I’d be good with using your referral. Apparently Amex is giving both referrer and referred 10k points. I’m not sure how long referral links last, so it would be no rush, presuming you have one.

      • I applied for the old Blue last March, so I need to cancel that when the 30% annual bonus has posted. Hence the delay. Should I just let you know? Wow, did I actually just use “hence” in a sentence? I have to work on that.

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