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Delta Amex Investigation: No Bonus But Fee Refund

The results are in for my Delta Amex misapplication. I applied for the second time for this card hoping I would get the bonus. I did not. I meekly protested. Amex reviewed the claim and upheld the ruling. They kindly refunded me the entire $200 annual fee for my troubles even though the prorated amount should have been $162.

Before you criticize me for applying for card twice, I would like to reiterate that I did receive the Surpass bonus twice even after the new rule went into effect. That strategy did not work here.

Ah well, I’m not down with Delta anyway.




    • I’m quite certain that you are off with your assessment. Perhaps you’ve been doing this for far longer than I have (I formally started in November 2011) but you may want to check out my Trip Reports to see that I’ve been to few places on points myself.

      The issue isn’t being new, the issue is using good data to make a decision to try to get another bonus given that it had worked before in spite of the new rules. This time around it didn’t and I’ll take Amex at its word that it will never work again.

      Blogs, threads, and forums exist so the mistakes of others don’t become our own.

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