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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Election 2016: Where Have All the MS Jobs Gone?

Hungry for Points wrote a comical piece on MS where he used a handy graphic to demonstrate the decrease in MS jobs in an industry that once thrived on such a practice. Inspired, I revisited my post, I’m in Manufacturing, Spending and updated it to reflect the same. Simultaneously, I saw firsthand and read on Miles to Memories that is imposing more fees on its cards. It certainly seems like the walls are closing in.

Nostalgic for the days of the Bird of Red, I am growing a bit frustrated that the latest golden goose has been taken away. As a result, during this election season, I have no choice but to run a negative campaign and blame others for the lack of MS jobs. We all know that bloggers are ‘great people, excellent people,’ but sometimes we do more harm than we intend. If TPOL is elected points president, I promise to build a wall, a great wall, the greatest firewall the world has ever seen to prevent these secrets from being shared to a million people.

My name is TPOL and I approve this message.

This post paid for churners for TPOL. 
This post paid for churners for TPOL.




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