EVA Air Flight Review TPE-JFK: The Best Business Class


EVA Flight Review Taipei New York is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

I have been on many planes, and I have written many business class flight reviews including:

*Though I have flown Qatar business, I have not flown the new Qsuites.

Based on my experience, I can say that the best business class is EVA. Here’s why:


Krug is only found on first-class flights (see Cathay Pacific First Class JFK-HKG: 15.5 Hours of Bliss). But what do we have here?

That could end the debate right there, but allow me to continue.


The service on EVA is impeccable. Regarding my Krug consumption, the flight attendant said, “I will make it more full because I know you like it.” How great is that?

Was only empty for a moment.

Amenities Kit 

I have to force myself to throw away amenities kits. I don’t need dozens of them, and I will never use all of them. This one I had to keep. The contents I discarded.


Truly madly deeply, I was ready to eat. The soup was good and the rootbeet creamy salad dressing with fresh lemon was exceptional.


The steak tasted like steak instead of airplane meat. It actually had a red center.

Fruit, Cheese, Wine 

It’s not often that I find myself saying, “How good is this fruit?”

Beyond my limit of Krug, I switched to a hearty Spanish red.

More of Everything

Unlike Cathay business where I find myself hungry, EVA kept me full.


A proper espresso came as no surprise.


I won’t buy FIJI water, but I do enjoy it.


Not all business class flights provide pajamas. This one did and they were stylish.

Sky Duty-Free

Read TPOL’s warning on buying cologne on a plane.


There weren’t too many movies that I found appealing.

Real IFE 

Krug + zzz = better than any movie.


EVA Airways is #1 in my book for business.

EVA Flight Review Taipei New York is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.



  1. Hi there – nice review. I’m trying to get a sense of what EVA’s business class service is like now during COVID. I’m guessing that your review was done before COVID, right? Looking at a flight from USA to Taiwan next spring, but having a hard time determining what kind of in-flight service to expect. Thanks!

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