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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Fairfield Inn New York Financial District: Just Another NY Hotel

Fairfield Inn New York Financial District Hotel Review is part of the ongoing TPOL in NYC Trip Report.

Getting There: Read my JFK AirTrain: Why Mess with Uber to Manhattan? for how to get to the hotel. Read Via NYC: Better Than Uber, Better Than Lyft and sign-up if you want to take a private ride to the airport. I suggest going through Brooklyn to avoid traffic.


Let’s start with the basics: is this hotel worth $700 a night? No. Indeed, it isn’t a bold statement to say that any Fairfield anywhere in the world is not worth $700 a night. However, seeing as how it was UN Week in NYC, all hotels were charging extortionate rates. Fortunately for me, this hotel is a Category 4 hotel meaning it qualifies for my Chase stay certificate.


I’ve said it before (see Andaz Wall Street), I do not like downtown. Each time I return, I think that I may be wrong and that downtown has its upside. Each time, that feeling does not last long. Apart from the mystique of Wall Street, downtown is isolated and not convenient for those who work in Midtown or tourists looking to explore the city. The reason I stay here is because the hotels can be cheaper than most of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even Long Island City.

a plant in a glass case
Welcome Gift & Amenities 
I was given a welcome bag full of goodies. It was a strange assortment of treats including flavored carbonated water and peanuts. For breakfast, I had the cookies and coffee.
a table with a lamp and snacks on it
The Room
As a business traveler, all I want is a comfortable bed and a TV to keep up with all that is good in the world. Like other Marriotts in New York, this one also had streaming TV services.
a bedroom with a mirror and a table a bed with a wood headboard and a lamp a bed with a map on the wall a tv on a desk in a hotel room a bed with white sheets and pillows a bed with white pillows
Judging by the decor, the hotel room looks like a room aboard a cruise ship.

a shelf with a variety of toilet paper and other items a shower head in a bathroom a bathroom with a mirror and a sink
The View
Not the best view of Manhattan:
a view of a building from a window


Nothing special here. Good deal to burn a certificate. That’s about it.




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