Primavera Pizza NYC: Good Sober, Better Tipsy?


Primavera Pizza NYC is part of the ongoing series TPOL in NYC.

Disclaimer: Up to this point, I’ve stuck with pho reviews, of which NY is by far the worst place in the world for one of my favorite foods. Up to this point, I’ve avoided reviewing pizza in NYC because it is not worth the headache of the crazies who surely will come out of the woodwork and tell me why the pizza place I sampled is ‘tourist, inauthentic,’ or just ‘trash.’ I also avoided reviewing pizza in NY because there are far too many places that sell pizza.

In need of inspiration before writing this Hotel Review, I decided to order a pizza and plot how many pictures of the toilet were necessary to qualify it as a proper review. To avoid the guilt trip of not tipping (see Do You Tip UberEATS? I Didn’t), I placed my order online and walked to Primavera Pizza & Pasta. Being the fat man that I am, I thought that that a 16″ would be appropriate for a late night snack. I also can’t rationalize paying by the slice when there’s so much more pizza to be had when ordering a whole pie. In fact, I tend to order the largest pizza each time because the marginal dollar for a bigger pizza makes the cost of each slice that much cheaper. That logic makes sense until I’ve had two slices and can’t move. However, not one to waste, I eventually consume the entire box, leaving me worse off than when I started.

And now back to Primavera’s.

If a large is too much for one person, then a Sicilian large with pepperoni surely is too much even for two. That didn’t stop me from trying. Here’s what I liked:

  • Crispy pepperoni
  • Robust sauce
  • Not too thick cheese

Here’s what I liked until I was full:

  • The dough

Though the dough and the crust were yummy, it takes a Herculean effort to get through it all.

As for the place, it looks like a typical NYC pizza shop that you would stop in after a night out on the town. I found it to be very good when I was sober and can venture to guess that it tastes doubly delicious if you’re hammered. 



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