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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Gogo Inflight: In-flight Customer Service

Oh Gogo, I haven’t used you since it was free when it first came out years ago. I usually fly Southwest domestic and enjoy the episodes of Law And Order so I never used Gogo.

On Delta, Gogo is $24 for this flight which is crazy. Luckily, onee of my favorite cards, the Amex Platinum, provides free passes as a perk.

I tried to log in but there was an error; my username was incorrect. Stuck in the clouds, I had no way of looking it up. Cleverly, Gogo offers an in-flight chat. The agent, Francisco, helped me find my username.

Now, with an hour and a half to go, I’m logged in hoping it takes less than that time to load a page. The customer service idea is great. The speed is awful.

Years later Gogo hasn’t caught up to Lufthansa’s Wi-Fi which let me Skype seamlessly till I was told this wasn’t allowed.

Anyway, if you’re having Gogo issues while you’re up in the air, rest assured that help is available, just don’t count on the speed to use it after.

Gogo so slow slow
Gogo so slow slow


  1. i couldn’t get SWA “messaging only” $2 internet to work on my last flight to Denver. I upgraded to $8 normal wifi and it worked fine. I should’ve complained, but who argues over $2? Ya feel me?

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