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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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‘Randomly’ Screened at Tiniest Airport

So I call bullshit on this random screening. TPOL is getting ready to take off and make his big announcement but of course there was a delay when all my bags were searched at this tiny airport in Butte, Montana.

There are twenty people on the flight and I was the only random. I see no point in TSA precheck if this always going to happen. It even happens with Global Entry.

I was happy when I didn’t see the SSSS on my boarding pass but it didn’t make a difference.

Maybe Trump is in charge of who gets searched. Maybe it’s the soft-spoken Ben Carson.

VIP Screening
VIP Screening




  1. Maybe it’s the shoes. They’re pretty newfangled and suspicious for a place like Butte. Wait. What the hell induced you to visit Butte, Montana in December? THAT could be what aroused their suspicion.

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