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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Goodbye US Airways, Hello AA Devaluation?


Woke up this morning ready for the new American Airlines to take flight. Step 1 was to check my shiny, new AAdvantage balance to see the treasure trove of miles. AwardWallet showcased the demise of Dividend Miles. However when I went to American Airlines, the balance had yet to update. I’m slightly nervous as to how smoothly this transition will go especially since my British Avios have disappeared, hack or no hack.

I’m sure eventually the miles will show up making me feel good about having hundreds of thousands of miles that can take me anywhere around the world.

That feeling will quickly pass when the inevitable AA devaluation hits leaving us all scrambling for Etihad Apartments from JFK to AUH. The fact that I still had any US Airways miles in my account means I did a poor job of following my own advice: Shut Up And Book! 

So before every blog goes crazy and condemns this for profit airline for making our miles worthless, ThePointsOfLife recommends spending a few minutes planning imaginary trips for when disaster strikes.




  1. AA hasn’t touched their award chart in quite sometime. It really wouldn’t be a surprise if the devaluation happens later this year or next.

  2. So are you basing this “the sky is falling” post on something in fact, or just speculation since you couldn’t get into your account and the two are somehow related in your blogger brain?

  3. I didn’t indicate that they are related at all. British was hacked and my account is inaccessible like many others.
    That was just an observation as part of my usual OCD awardwallet checking.

    As far devaluation goes, you need only look at the trends of ff programs in general and what has happened post mergers to take note that an AA one is on the horizon.

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