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Final 4 Predictions

a man standing in front of a large screenI’m ready to fill out my bracket now! A few years ago I was lucky enough to go to Atlanta to see Michigan beat Syracuse in the Final Four but come up short to Louisville. Today Syracuse is sanctioned and Michigan is still hobbled by injuries.

Overall my sports predictions aren’t worth reading as all of ThePointsOfLife picks have yet to come true. For example, Argentina didn’t win the World Cup and Blount wasn’t the MVP of the Super Bowl.

This brings us to the PTI Toss Up question: Kentucky or the field?

After that beat down of West Virginia, it’s basically impossible to bet against Kentucky. That is why I’m picking the Wildcats and the Wildcats to advance to the Final Four. My picks from the East and South are Michigan State and Duke.

From there let’s all agree that Duke should be hated as much as Ohio State. Accordingly, I’ll give the nod to MSU. This leads us to the battle of the 1997 championship between Arizona and Kentucky. In that classic, I pick Kentucky to win.

Enter the showdown: Wildcats vs. Sparty.

Even as a devout Wolverine, I still have a lot of respect and admiration for Tom Izzo who hasn’t won the tourney since the Flintstones in 2000.

Go Blue?

Not this year. So let’s all agree, Go Green!

Best of luck little brother.





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