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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Grand Hyatt Chengdu: Where Pandas Sleep

Grand Hyatt Chengdu Hotel Review is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

Getting There: Did you download the DiDi app as I recommended? If not, take a taxi or deal with the metro.


The Grand Hyatt is located in central Chengdu. I didn’t explore the city apart from going to 老码头火锅 for the best hot pot, but all the usual shops and restaurants were right out my window. To get to the Panda Reserve, take Didi.a sign outside of a building


Speaking of pandas, Chengdu goes all out with the pandas. Look at these cute guys:

a group of panda statues
Grand Hyatt Pandas
a group of panda statues outside a building
Grand Hyatt Pandas

Club Access

I remember when I used to be Hyatt Diamond (see That’s Me in the Corner Losing My Globalist Status). All I have now is my Explorist status which gives me 4 Club Access redemptions. I used one at the Grand Hyatt Chengdu and received an upgraded room on the 37th floor, the same floor as the Club Lounge.


I wasn’t there long enough to try the breakfast, but from 5:30PM to 7:30PM there are snacks and cocktails. Finally, I had proper sauvignon blanc in China. The fresh-squeezed orange juice was good as well. I also have to mention the fresh fruit. As far as the food goes, the snacks have turned into a warmup before dinner comparable to pre-gaming with a bottle of booze before going out i.e., it’s too much.a room with couches and tables a red table with a plant in it a room with a table and chairs a city with many tall buildings a sliced bread on a wooden boarda bowl of potato chips and scissors a group of bowls of food on a table a basket of food a pan of food with a lid a group of bottles of alcohol a group of bottles in a bucket of ice a pitcher of orange juice and a glass of orange juice a glass of fruit on a table a table with plates of food and drinks a bowl of soup with meat balls and parsley a bowl of soup with noodles and meat


Hyatt rooms have a contemporary design, so they don’t risk looking dated. The king-size bed is always comfortable and the TV is up to date.a room with a mirror wall and a bed and a table a wall with a picture of monkeys a room with a wall and a lamp a bed with a lamp and a chair in a room a green horse lamp on a table a room with a television and a desk a room with a tv and chair a room with a television and a table


Behold the view of Chengdu, it’s not Shanghai (see World’s Greatest Skyline: The Best Views of Shanghai).a city with many tall buildings


I dare not touch but it’s there if you need it. a wooden cabinet with drawers and a mirror a box with glasses and a corkscrew a refrigerator with bottles of soda and cans


The toilet was in one room and the shower and bathtub were in another.a bathroom with a wood cabinet and sinka bathroom with a mirror and sink two plastic bottles of water a group of black and white mugs on a napkina room with a mirror and a shelf a box on a counter a bathtub in a bathrooma bathtub with a sink and faucet a shower with a glass doora group of bottles on a shelf


One night at a Grand Hyatt for 8k points is great. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Grand Hyatt Chengdu Hotel Review is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.



  1. Interested to know if the Hyatt has Japanese toilets (i.e. bidet toilets) like they do in Shanghai? Last time I was in Chengdu they couldn’t confirm this. The Sofitel has them, and although its not as posh as the Hyatt its one of the reasons I’ve stuck with them (an important amenity in my opinion).

    Chengdu is one of the most pleasant cities anywhere. Certainly one of the very best food cities in the world. Sounds like most people are staying home at the moment and wouldn’t be a very fun place to go right now.

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