Holiday Inn Express Miles City: The Worst Hotel Ever?


unnamedYou may be asking where in the world is Miles City? That answer is irrelevant because there’s no reason to go there especially considering the below average awful service received at the Holiday Inn Express Miles City.

Here’s the letter going to IHG on a forgettable experience:

Upon arriving at the Holiday Inn Express Miles City, Dixie checked us in. To put it mildly, Dixie was very rude. We had reserved a room with two queen beds at the brevity rate of $89.

We went to our room which had one queen bed. We called to request the room we had reserved and were told, “You have two TV’s and a pull out couch.” We informed the front desk that we had reserved two beds, for two adults in the room. We were told that the $89 rate was unheard of and that we couldn’t change rooms. Dixie then proceeded to hang up the phone. When I called back, Dixie curtly remarked that the phones are “really busy” and that the hotel was full. She did say that I could check back later in the evening. It was 11PM.

The front desk then called and told me that my credit card had been declined (probably because I was in the middle of nowhere), and rudely told me to come down. She said, “I need a working card if you want to keep the room.”

At the front desk, I again requested a room change and was told I could go to another IHG hotel conveniently located 75.4 miles away.

Dixie then, impolitely remarked, “We have two funerals and a basketball tournament, you’re lucky you have a room.”

What an incredibly insensitive thing to say given that we were in town for a funeral.

Again, I would like to state that our reservation for 2 queens but we were given one. But lucky for us, we had two televisions.

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    • Couldn’t move, there are no other hotels! And I’m waiting. I’m sure IHG will take the appropriate action.

  1. If I had not been sick the past 4 days, I would call up Dixie to arrange a get together.
    With all the beautiful sites in Montana though, you decide to post pictures from Miles City. No beartooth mountains, no glacier or Yellowstone. Good plan, will keep everyone away.

  2. Hope you caught a little bit of sarcasm in that last post.
    But anyways…checking out the other blog posts. When do you leave? I assume flying out of Billings?

  3. I have to work this week (hoping to feel better by tomorrow) but if you happen this way in the evening, shoot me an email.
    Always love to talk to other points enthusiasts.

  4. First – I’m sorry for you loss.
    Second – I’m also sorry that your check-in at the Holiday Inn Express and your first night did not meet your expectations. We would have been very happy to have moved you to a room with 2 beds for your second night.
    I have addressed all the points you brought up with all of the front desk staff. As a hotel, can’t move forward without learning from our mistakes.
    I hope if you are to visit Miles City again you would give us another change to prove ourselves.

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