I Speak Autocorrect


So my parents are visiting this week making airing (writing) p oats posts difficult. I still use my blackberry but I can’t use it to ride posts.

So I’m using this great HTC m8 to write a post and complain.

I’ve already but backspace 100 times and I’m about to give up.

I have two points to make:

1. Autocorrect is terrible. While we all knew this it goes beyond bad word selection. Why doesn’t Autocorrect be grammar correct abs intuitively use plausible words. Yes it used abs not and.

2. Signature lines. I apologize for any errors. Sent from iPhone

Sorry that isn’t a valid excuse for laziness and for blaming your dumb smart phone. It’s bad enough no one uses words anymore, opting for smileys. And lol. That you can’t even read your emails. Perhaps laziness is not the culprit and Autocorrect is to blame.

Perhaps we should all switch back to blackberry


My excuse to blame Autocorrect

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