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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Canada Gave Us The CFL! Please Don’t Take It Away

In the world of sports there is nothing that compares to football. No I’m not talking about international football, known to us Yankees as soccer, nor am I talking about Australian rules football, better known as who knows what, nor am I talking about American football, better known as real football.

No my friends, I am talking about Canadien Football-the CFL. What is more entertaining than the CFL, I dare you to answer.

Doug Flutie, Maurice Clarett, and all those other legends make the CFL a must watch every Sunday (I think they play on Sunday). The field is longer, there are 3 downs instead of 4 and I think they measure stuff in meters not yards.

But, tragedy may strike this great game in the form of a strike. No great sport is immune to strikes from baseball, to basketball (twice), to NHL hockey, to the NFL (refs). Strikes are a part of business and a part of life but I can only hope and pray that the CFL doesn’t go on strike.

This year I really think that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have a chance to win it all. Only the devil’s intervention of a strike could make this great dream turn into a horrible nightmare.

So please world, join in and pray with me that the strike doesn’t happen. Maybe their savior will come in the form of God’s second son, Tim Tebow.

This blog was written for my cousin George, the only person who watches the CFL.

Team Shell ready to step in as the Replacements

Good Day Sir! 

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