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The Illiterate Attorney Asks, “Can You Read Re Captcha?”

Are you illiterate? I’m beginning to believe that I am.

Over the past few months, websites have ramped up their cyber security by making users fill out a captcha for just about every click a user wants to make. This is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t bother commenting on fellow bloggers’ posts.

I try to make sense of the stupid combination of letters and numbers but I remain completely lost. Error after error, I finally gave up. Are you supposed to include a space if there is some space looking area in the atmosphere between the captcha phrases? Does capitalization matter? Is that the number ‘1’ or the letter ‘I’. How scary is the kidnapper’s voice if you opt for an auditory captcha?

All knowing, all intrusive Google literally must’ve seen my struggles because they are introducing a smarter way to captcha the spammers. See what I did there? It’s called re CAPTCHA.

re CAPTCHA uses images like kitty cats not jumbled letters and words to detect if you are a robot or if you are a human. This should make leaving angry, disapproving comments on people’s pointless posts less cumbersome.


Google’s re CAPTCHA brings me back to my childhood days when I used to have to spot what item didn’t match, an exercise handed out by substitute teachers to control antsy school children excited to have a free day.

Let’s just hope that I can still remember the classification system for organisms:







re captcha

Which one is missing? Are you a robot?



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