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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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The Sugar Bowl New Orleans: Celebrating Brady Hoke

There are certain places in the world that march to the beat of its own drummer, that have its own unmatched charisma and charm. In the United States, New Orleans is that place.

This Trip Report: Pour Some Sugar on Me focuses on how SPG and Bourbon Street made for a great New Year’s celebration capped off by a University of Michigan victory in the Sugar Bowl New Orleans.

To make it happen, I used my free companion ticket from when I had an Amex Delta Platinum card, my pull with the Michigan Alumni association to secure tickets, and my first stay ever as the proud new carrier of the SPG card from American Express. Incidentally, we were bumped to first-class after volunteering to give up our seats.

You could say that this was the inaugural trip of my professional career at ThePointsOfLife since for the first time I was trying to meet a minimum spend and target my efforts towards gaining Gold status.


Oh, how far I’ve come since then.

Of course, this overview coincides with the firing of Brady Hoke, a man who was in over his head as coach of the University of Michigan, a program that needs serious self-examination.

Today I’m focusing on the positives: the hope that Michigan had following that victory and the great time had by all in the Big Easy.

Here’s the picture preview:

sugar bowl new orleans
First-class drinking at 9AM
sugar bowl new orleans
sugar bowl new orleans
sugar bowl new orleans
Great seats
sugar bowl new orleans
Happy Times at Michigan
sugar bowl new orleans
The aftermath



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