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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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IQKhameleon عقخ: The Lifestyle IS Coming

I hinted at this development in my post COVID 2020: TPOL’s Most Productive Year. And now it is even closer to becoming a reality. We have a logo designed by a former Nike/Hurley designer. We have a manufacturer. We have a landing page:

And now, we have an offer: The next 50 people who opt-in to receive updates will receive 25% off. 25% off of what? Ah, now I have your attention. The first 50 people who follow عقخ on Instagram, bringing the total to 6 will receive the same. I write that so I can look back when I have 60 followers a year from now and chalk this up as another bad idea (see Aug 1, 2014: The Mistake of Mongolia) or when I have 6,000,000 and I am enjoying the world as it should be.

a group of camels with text
Cheapest way to trademark my logos. Which do you prefer?


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