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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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IQKhameleon: Halfway There!

If you haven’t heard of IQKhameleon (see IQKhameleon عقخ: The Lifestyle IS Coming), I won’t blame you yet. Given the boredom of the pandemic and inability to travel, I decided to develop a lifestyle brand. Marketing 101 requires everyone to follow on IG and to create of a website. Marketing 102 required the purchase of technology (see VIDEO: SkyDio 2 Inaugural Flight: Rio Mar, Puerto Rico & DJI Pocket 2: The Compliment to My SkyDio Drone). Now, the sample design has been made. The next step is to go visit my distributor in Colombia and approve the prototype.

a blue and yellow checkered pattern

IQKhameleon – Smart Sportswear 



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