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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Is Everyone Flying Etihad Apartments But Me?

Etihad is the new cool. The novelty of Emirates Shower Class has worn off and, at least for me, Qatar’s Business Class was never that great. I just flew Etihad First from Abu Dhabi to LAX but that was on a 777 which doesn’t count.

Back from my trip, I’m not spending my mornings working, I’m spending them searching for availability on Etihad A380 service from somewhere nearby to somewhere far away. So far I have found zero availability through 2016. I’m regretting not searching for LHR-AUH-ATH which would’ve been far more enjoyable than my EasyJet flight. With the impending AA devaluation, I must find a flight on Etihad Apartments before reality hits and the only affordable carrier is Allegiant.

Drama aside, I’m jealous that OMAAT flew the inaugural flight from AUH-JFK. Not to be outdone and absolutely baller is TPG who skipped the Apartments and booked the Residences with straight cash homey in the amount of $32,000! 

The cool kids are all flying Etihad Apartments. Meanwhile, TPOL is feeling left out like the fat kid in dodgeball.

Thanks A380 for making 777 no longer cool.
Thanks A380 for making 777 no longer cool.


  1. Sorry, but I don’t understand the draw of spending so many points for 12-14 hours in an “apartment” in the sky. For the same value in points, I could get several nights at a luxury hotel. I’d rather just fly business class. But I guess that doesn’t have the same “LOOK AT ME!” value

    • It has nothing to do with ‘look at me’. Using caps is more ‘look at me’ than flying first.

      The reason I’m flying first and not business is because I overdid it with the churning and now have a surplus of points that will be worthless when devaluation strikes. So why not burn them on something as obscene as an apartment in the sky?

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