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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Is It Irresponsible to Go to Sharm el-Sheikh?

I initially wrote a post about how I’m still going to Sharm. Today U.S. Intel. suggested that an ISIS bomb was placed on the Russian plane. Based on information from the initial reports, I didn’t consider that there was a possibility of a bomb on board. Now, with more details emerging it seems like a plausible explanation.

The world has entered a new depth of darkness if this proves to be true. It can only mean more war, more bloodshed, and more terror is on the horizon. ISIS like al-Qeada has severely miscalculated the resolve of the civilized world. Russia will no doubt go about after ISIS much like the US retaliation after September 11th. Hopefully, some good can come of this as Russia and the United States work together to eradicate the plague of radicalism.

For the short-term, I am wondering if I should bother going to Sharm next week. I don’t fear for safety because I am assuming the Egyptians will step up their efforts to protect itself and tourists following this incident. The reason I am considering not going is because Sharm is a place where people go to enjoy the beach and unwind. It’s tragic that I will be going to the same place that many had enjoyed just a few days ago unaware of the evil that was being plotted against them.

At the same time, what will the atmosphere there be like? Will security be so strict that there is a chance that my return flight could be cancelled interrupting my travel plans? Is there a chance that ISIS could be emboldened to try again? Indeed, some Western air carriers are suspending flight to Sharm. This makes me further question what to do.

The whole situation is sickening. I’m still leaning towards going because the civilized world doesn’t change plans based on the actions of cowards. The question is whether this philosophy is responsible.




  1. On the other hand, there are a lot of people in Sharm whose jobs depend on tourists coming, and if the tourists dry up so may their jobs…

    • That is a pretty silly comment. Nobody is going to risk the headache in the short term for the sake of the tourism industry that already dried up.

      I’m literally going next week so you’ll excuse me if my compassion isn’t with the local businesses and my well-being.

      • Dahab was a ghost town when I went there because they’d had recent bombings. The restaurant people were extra annoying trying to pester you into eating at their empty places.

        • I’m more worried about Bali style attack because they may secure the airport now but their plan has to be to destroy what was always regarded as a safe city. Just doesn’t seem worth it nor does it seem like anyone will be in the mood for fun.

  2. I think in your shoes, I’d probably go. As you mentioned, security will likely be tight, and you can’t live your life in fear.

    • Coming to London and seeing newspaper after newspaper with headlines ’20k Britons stranded’ and. ‘It’s not safe to fly home’ aren’t very reassuring. The headache may not be worth it. We’re the only ones trying to go while everyone is trying to leave.

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