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Monday, July 22, 2024
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No 1 Lounge Gatwick: Bloggers Not Allowed

Doing my blogly duties I found myself taking the same awkward photos of macaroni salad, beer offerings, and Greek wraps made-to-order. After feeling self-conscious like I always do when I take photos of lounges, I sat down to lounge before my flight to Athens.

I fumbled for my UK adapter and plugged in my BlackBerry before a gentlemen approached me with a stern look. I thought I was going to be told that this Priority Pass lounge doesn’t allow free-riding of electricity. Instead, he said, “Due to security concerns you are not allowed to take pictures in the lounge. Please erase them.”

I’ve heard of the ban on photographs without permission on airlines. I understand the prohibition of photos at immigration. But I’m at a loss for why I can’t take pics of a lounge that is nothing more than membership restaurant.

The reasoning is more absurd than the ban. Had he said you’re creeping everyone out then I would’ve agreed. Had he said you are infringing on IP of our tuna casserole spread then maybe I could’ve conceded the point.

Instead, all I got was a polite scolding and the occasional awkward look from the bartender who undoubtedly observed me modeling my pita wrap.

Other than this curios inicdent, I’m rather impressed with this Priority Pass Lounge though that review will have to wait since bloggers are banned from working this corner.

Stock photo. Not taken by tpol.
Stock photo. Not taken by tpol.


  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels really weird trying to take photos of lounge/hotel food and check in desks. “Oh! Look at that, someone just messaged me. I will hold my phone awkwardly upright in front of the buffet line while I respond” 😉

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