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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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John Wayne’s United Lounge: Orange County

John Wayne’s United Lounge Orange County is part of the Trip Report: The Greatest Diamond Challenge of All Time. Check out how I planned my Hyatt Diamond Challenge and how it cost next to nothing here.

In this report I will cover:

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Stuck in Orange County on a layover back to Phoenix I scrambled through my fanny pack looking for either United or American lounge passes. Of course I had none leftover (nor do I have a fanny pack) so I sat in shame at the Southwest Lounge. But, on the way to Mexico I did have two United passes that were expiring at the end of the month so I went ahead and used those.

My apologies for having this post out-of-order in the Trip Report but I highly doubt the lounge underwent any serious changes from when I visited on Friday and when I was denied access on Monday. I’m sure John Wayne would’ve found a way to get in both days. Overall, his airport was immaculate and the lounge was pretty damn good considering it was United.

Here’s some pics for your enjoyment:

2015-09-04 08.53.25 (Copy) - Copy
Find me in the club
united club orange county
The tradition of Bloody Mary and Coors Light
united club orange county
The best f@*king donuts I’ll tell you right now!
Free list please. If I'm paying then it's to pay for John Wayne's Subway located downstairs.
Free list please. If I’m paying then it’s to pay for John Wayne’s Subway located downstairs.
Great OJ too.
Great OJ too.
For a small United lounge it was very nice much like John Wayne's Airport.
For a small United lounge it was very nice much like John Wayne’s Airport.
united club orange county
United Club

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