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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Dear LaGuardia: We Deserve a Better Airport

I arrived at LaGuardia airport en rout‎e to Orlando for the Citrus Bowl. I didn’t see the homeless people who, till recently, had made LaGuardia their home. One report said that there were people showering in the bathrooms and another said they brought their cats.

The Mayor of New York said it was the Port Authority’s problem. The Port Authority didn’t seem eager to address the problem until recently when the problem received media exposure. The in-fighting among government agencies over a humanitarian problem shows the dysfunctionality of ‎bureaucracy. Even Joe Biden compared LaGuardia a third world country.‎

As a traveler, I was surprised that there isn’t TSA PreCheck in Terminal B for Southwest flights. How is it possible that Flint, MI has TSA PreCheck but an airport in New York doesn’t?  There is no justification for this so don’t bother providing one.

‎There is an Amex Centurion lounge but it located before security which is why I skipped it. Without the safety net of expedited screening, how comfortable can anyone be in an airport lounge?

The airport terminal is ugly and dated. I can’t imagine what international travelers who transit through LGA think when they come here. “This is the airport for the capital of the world? If I had to judge a city by the airport, I’d rather live in Newark.”

Road warriors deserve a better airport. Tourists deserve a better airport. ‎New York deserves a better airport.



  1. I agree, the airport is terrible, from dining options to how each concourse is segmented and you would have to re-do security to go to another one. As for the Amex lounge, I guess they just had no other options as doing it past security meant that only 1/4 of the passengers in the terminal will be able to use it. And hiding it on the second floor doesn’t help much either.

    • Yeah I never check ahead of time to see if the lounge is before or after but I wouldn’t have had time to use it anyway. Terrible.

  2. LGA is a hell hole. The problem is the Port Authority, a corrupt, inefficient machine that sucks billions of dollars a year from citizens and redistributes it to their folks. There are hundreds of Port Authority police officers who make 200,00 -300,000 or more each year. Nothing against he cops, but how is his possible? Now you know why it costs $15 bucks to cross a hundred year old bridge. Gotta feed the machine….

  3. it was like 80 degrees there on sunday! i was hungover and couldn’t stop sweating! and to make matters worse, i went with a loser who books early morning flights and gets to the airport an hour and a half early like a stupid little f#$kboi, so i was tired too! LGA gets the official complaint trifecta

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