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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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March Madness: If UConn Wins Steven Comes, Otherwise It’s a Free Uber

This is the worst March Madness in history, and it will only get worse thanks to NIL and the transfer portal. Does anyone care to watch SDSU against FAU? Unlike the World Baseball Classic, this game will have the worst ratings in history. I hope UConn wins for two reasons:

1.) I have always been a fan of UConn and believe they were screwed by the NCAA.

2.) I have to cheer against the current leader in the bracket who happens to live in PR and does not read the blog.

A victory for him would mean an Uber ride from Island Verde to Rio Grande, assuming he cares to celebrate his victory. A UConn triumph would mean my former tiler and avid TPOL follower would fly down to PR for a fun weekend. While he is here, I would have no choice but to put him to work, a plan he believes I hatched from the outset.

Go UConn!

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  1. What kind of soulless human says “Hell yeah! Another Final Four with Duke and Kansas!”???

    And who gives a flying eff that ratings may be low? Are you a mediocre travel blogger, or a CBS ad executive?

    You being mad that FAU and SDSU have crashed the Final Four is a massive tell that you threw tantrums when it was time to share toys during kindergarten play time.

    • Did you just put me in the Duke camp? You should be banned for life. My point is that these aren’t real cinderellas, just transfer portal kids coming together and putting on any jersey.

      • My point is, why are you you get pumped up about the one “blue blood” in the final four and not the three newbies? You went to Michigan, right? Ostensibly the Wolverines will find themselves in recruiting battles against UConn for elite players … so why root for your competition?

        You clearly haven’t looked at the rosters of FAU and SDSU. The Owls have just two D1 transfers… including on from your beloved UConn. SDSU has one of the oldest rosters in college hoops… which suggests that experience gives you a better shot at winning than reloading with one-and-done players every year.

        Finally, what is wrong with players capitalizing on their success through NIL and the portal? North Texas’ coach won the NIT last night, and 12 hours later he was was on a private jet to Lubbock to sign a huge contract to coach Texas Tech. Nobody seems to be chastising him for it … so maybe we only get upset when young black men try to earn some money?

        • I shot the clerk? I shot the clerk? Whoa, wait a minute! That’s my initial reaction to your last sentence. I don’t know who ‘we’ is, but it isn’t me. Mid age Arabs like money too. I’d transfer to Ohio State today if the dollars were right (I mean would I?). Money is the name of the game.

          I’ve always liked UConn, has nothing to do with blue blood as I already wrote. Kevin Ollie was screwed over, speaking of making money.

          I had my infatuation with SDSU when Steve Fisher was coach, speaking of being screwed over and making money.

          And you’re right, I haven’t looked at the rosters of FAU or SDSU. I never said I did. I said the overall tournament has been ruined by NIL and transfer portal. I am not in favor of the old system but this new system is the Wild West. It’s going to turn into a pick up game of basketball with no tradition. That is not fun.

  2. Enjoy rooting for UConn to win its fifth title.

    I’ll be over here rooting for one of the other three win their first, and wondering which mid-major schools sent you rejection letters to make you hate them all so much…

    • I’m cheering for Steven to come to PR. Only happens with a UConn win. I only applied two schools for undergrad: Michigan and MSU. MSU offered me a full-ride if I took a placement test. Michigan offered me nothing but misery. I should’ve taken the $.

      Miami waitlisted me for law school. FAU is not a real academic institution. And SDSU is as big a party school as my law school, ASU.

      I hope you comment on my other posts this vigorously.

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