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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Simply The Best: March 2023

What’s great about March? Not the Madness (see TPOL’s March Madness Standings). The best part of March was this fabled blog turning 9 (see Simply The Best: TPOL, The Professor, Turns 9!). Here’s what else happened:

  1. I’ve Done Too Much, Now What? 9 Places I Have No Interest in Seeing

    a cemetery in a field
    Instead of coming out of the Rodgers darkness re-energized, I am more of a curmudgeon.
  2. Wild One: TPOL’s Top Daredevil Activities

    a man bungee jumping over water
    What is the craziest, most adventurous activity you have done?
  3. Wide World of Sports: The Best of Where I’ve Been

    In the Pistons Blue & White, tonight, Chauncey! Ba Ba Billups!
    I am running out of stuff I want to do in life, especially in the world of sport.
  4. Per Time Magazine, TPOL Lives in One of the World’s Greatest Places

    a man swinging a golf club on a golf course
    What more can one ask for?
  5. Shogun Madrid: Hibiki, Kobe, & Wagyu

    a plate of meat on a table
    To cap off my local Asian food in Spain experience, I went to Shogun, an upscale Japanese BBQ.
  6. Espectacular Carne, Callos, Y Vino: Taberna El Rincon Madrid

    a piece of meat on a plate
    Try this place. Hardcore madrileños only. No tourists. I challenge you to find better callos anywhere. The place has been there for like 100 years.
  7. Most Wanted: GUILTY Cookie Shop Madrid
    a sign on a window
    Do people in America really want the cookie and go out of their way to buy them? Or have Americans only heard of the GUILTY cookie but, given the location of the shop, could only long for such a cookie?



  1. The 1st photo is a Chaldean (Iraqi Christian) gravesite! May he rest in peace – where is that at? Inscription partly says:

    The departed Khalid Slewa Petrous Matte
    Born 1957
    Murdered by treachery in Baghdad 1992

    Seems interesting, what’s the story?

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