Marriott Skopje: A Lot of Luxury for So Little


Marriott Skopje Hotel Review is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

Getting There: Take the bus from the airport. Don’t take a taxi.


The hotel is located right in the heart of the city center, in the midst of a million monuments (see Statues Skopje: Why So Many?) and right across the bridge from the Old Bazaar. If you’re in Skopje for one day as I was, it is the ideal place to stay. 

Hotel Itself

The hotel is basically brand new, shimmering from inside and out. It’s classified as a category 2 hotel and went for 10k points, a steal for anywhere in the world.

Welcome Amenity

Who doesn’t like a welcome gift? Here, it was a raspberry desert which went well with the Lavazza espresso I had when I checked in, followed by a beer and more sweet treats later in the day.


Why don’t most American hotels have espresso machines? I don’t want a cup of coffee. I want Lavazza.


I tend to get the best upgrades when I am only in town for one night. This was another example of a great suite that I did not use.


While I didn’t have much use for the suite, after dinner at Skopski Merak, I passed out in this great bed.


The bathroom was a bit odd. It was a hallway that ran parallel to the bedroom with the shower adjacent to the sink and toilet.


The view from the rooftop patio was excellent. Looking out, it reminded me of Mongolia because of the mix of Soviet housing sprinkled in with mismatched modern buildings. 


Who doesn’t like a nice lounge? I have to say that this lounge was a bit much. There was plenty of seating on the inside along with an outdoor patio. There was also more food and drinks available than was necessary for the number of people in the lounge. 


I thought the lounge snacks were obsessive until I went for breakfast. There were only a handful of people there, but there was enough food for a small army. The good thing about the lack of patrons is the ability to take pic after pic without the weird looks of people wondering why I’m obsessing over juice towers.

Burek, a traditional pastry

Best things in the world. [INSERT NAME IF DISCOVERED]

This is a great hotel. It’s a bit much for what I needed for my layover, but that’s a good thing.

Note: This is now a Category 3 hotel, validating that at the time it was a great value. H/T Bill


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