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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Mortal Kombat II: Citi Won’t Credit EgyptAir

Test your might! In this case, test your patience. Seconds after being shot down for my 4th night free credit, a benefit of the Citi Prestige card, the unhelpful Citi agent is telling me that my EgyptAir ticket for my post marathon (an endeavor that is on life support)trip does not qualify for the $250 air statement credit because it is coded as ‘EGYPTAIR’ not ‘airfare’.

I had a similar problem when I booked Allegiant to Phoenix as part of my Greatest Hyatt Diamond Challenge. There Allegiant showed up as ‘Travel Agency’. Citi’s terms say that it is not their responsibility if the transaction is not coded appropriately. Where does this leave the customer? Am I supposed to test each airline ahead of time to make sure that it shows up correctly?

Many complain about the hoops needed to get the $200 travel statement credit from Amex Platinum but at least there are many data points for that. Who knew a purchase on Amazon via United’s shopping app counts as a travel fee? The Doctor of Credit did.

Here, nobody knows, not even the manager who said in contrast to the first agent that I should see a credit on one of the next statements. Sure, just like my 4th night eh?

Today has been quite the day. The professor is angry.




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