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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Citi Prestige 4th Night Not Credited: Mortal Kombat!

“I’m sorry I’m not seeing an eligible reservation. Please contact our rewards department.”

You may think because I went to law school that I am an argumentative person. You would be right. But why does everything have to be a fight? Why do we have to scrape, bite, and claw for rewards that were promised to us? As I wrote, I tried to be nice to Chase to get my Ink downgraded to a no annual fee card. That went nowhere.

It’s been a couple billing cycles since my 4 Night stay using the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit and I haven’t received my credit. Now, Citi is telling me that I will get nothing. This injustice shall not stand. Next up will be the call that will start cordially, transition into argument, followed by speaking to a manager, ending in…

I write these posts not only to complain but also to say it is worth fighting for every penny, every point because we go through a lot e.g., DEADbird to travel for ‘free’. Those outside the points game can’t appreciate our Excel obsession, our memorization of frequent flier numbers (click here for the Award Balance Drinking Game), and to advocate for the prevention of our points going to waste.

It takes a lot of work to make it in this business and I’ll be damned if someone tries to take what is mine citing the tired variation of the line that always starts with ‘my computer is telling me’.

Sorry but I don’t take orders from a computer.

Churners Unite!


Really, how are you going to argue with this email?


  1. Seems pretty straight up to me. Go after the bastards. I know I tire of chasing after people to do what they promised, as I’m sure you do as well. Let us know what happens. I haven’t applied for the Prestige card, in large part because when I checked hotel rates on the Carlson Wagonlits website, the rates offered for my potential trips were bad enough to more than offset the 4th night free. If that benefit is being ignored on the occasion that the applicable prices actually are better, there’s not a lot of good to say about the card. Did they at least say why they would be reneging on the written promise they offer?

    • Well it was the chat people I spoke to who rarely are ever helpful. Calling in is where you eventually discover the competent ones if you’re lucky.

      On paper the card is great. 4th night free, $250 airline, 3 rounds of golf (my favorite perk) twice before the annual fee is due. I don’t get an $ for saying this either!

      Everyone else has raved about how useful the 4th night free can be so let’s not kill them off quite yet. But really why does it have to be so damn difficult?

      I’ll let you know the outcome.

  2. Same problem here except that it was on a $300 night at the hyatt ziva puerto vallarta. It has been two and a half billing cycles (Stay was July 30th). I received another call back from citi today that they are going to get in touch with the travel group and get this resolved. Apparently, they can’t do anything manual until two FULL billing cycles have completed following your stay. I love the card, but it really shouldn’t take a quarter of a year to get a credit. It feels a lot more like the rebate game (scam) now. I also love the golf benefit. I used all 3 rounds about a month after I activated the card. My brother-in-law also has the card and we used a free round on our first and last day in scottsdale. As long as the rounds are 72 hours apart, it works great!

    • Yes u are right. Rebate scam!

      What courses did you play? I’m mad that I couldn’t book TPC Stadium because you have to book a few days in advance. Otherwise it said unavailable. Not sure if I could’ve called in but now I know to call ahead. Maybe the 72 hour rule applies.

      This is all probably worth a separate post but I wonder if I can use the leftover round and book next year.

      • We have gone to scottsdale three of the last five years on our annual golf trip. Funny that you mention it because we played the TPC Stadium for the first time ever this year. We also used it for the first round of the day at the Boulders in carefree. Citi took care of our expensive first round and we were able to spend $25 to replay the boulders later that afternoon. That is a hard deal to beat. I think I will keep the card even with the 4th night free snafu. I should also mention that I have had a great customer service rep (Mary) that has called me 3 times to give me updates on my issue. She called today and told me that she should have a resolution by thursday. I actually believe it will be credited, but I am not willing to bet on a timeframe.

        • Oh that’s an excellent idea doing a replay.

          I lived in Scottsdale for ten years and only started playing golf after I moved. Such is life. Yeah I won’t cancel I don’t think but citi is so far behind chase in terms of award programs, customer service, and card design- how much do you hate that stripe that nobody can figure out.

        • LOL! The stripe is the absolute worst part of the citi prestige card. I feel obliged to tell the cashier “stripe is on the front” every time I use it now. I dislike that very much. I want a seamless, quick transaction when I use my credit card. I think citi seriously misfired on that idea. I am sure that there are some geniuses that received a bonus for that idea so that everyone will remember the citi prestige, but I hate it.

        • Pretty funny and accurate. The card that I have received the most feedback from is the Ritz Carlton card. It puts the chase sapphire to shame. I just wish there were a reason to use it after receiving the bonus. Unfortunately, there isn’t.

        • that’s one I havent applied for yet. i think in my lifetime 3 inks, united business & personal, 2x british, 2x sapphire, IHG, slate, freedom, hyatt, 4x southwest…maybe it is time for some ritz

        • Chase has had an offer to waive the first year AF each August for the last several years. I finally applied in August 2014. I don’t recall seeing that offer in 2015 though. If you see the first year free offer and you want a conversation starter, get it!

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