Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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DEADBird Liquidation Luck!

The REDBird reloads, they’re all gone! What the bleep! Has the RED turned to DEAD? Only time will tell but my Twitter feed has been blowing up with nothing but eulogies for our fluttering friend.

Caught in the crossfire were MS’ers that had gone gift card happy believing that if their jobs were downsized they would at least get a notice. After all, we did receive a warning when Target banned credit card reloads. This time there was nothing to prepare us for the worst game of hot potato I’ve ever played. With the bad news, I found myself stuck with $3500 worth of gifts and no friends or family worthy of receiving them.

A sleepless night ensued. Not only did I foolishly put myself in the situation of not being able to unload but also, even if I could somehow dispense of these cards, what about the rest of min spends I had to meet? Irrational exuberance is to blame for how I got myself into this pickle and only Flint, Iraqi hustling would be able to get me out.

Scanning the forums, the blogs, and the Deep Web, I found no solution. This morning I went grocery shopping for money orders and was rebuffed by Mr. Albert and Mr. Safe. Humming along to The Marvelettes, as only a Michigan man could, I figured I’d give it a go.

And guess what? It worked!

Now I’ll patiently wait to see if the end of theBIRD is really here. If so it’s time to abruptly swerve until that gets shot out of the sky too.

Keep Churning my friends,


As usual, the banks get the last laugh.
As usual, the banks get the last laugh.




  1. Lucky duck! Sounds like you found a register that wasn’t updated. I’ve witnessed in past a TGT where GS staffers kept the end-most register with the “old software” just in case. When things weren’t working for my reload she said “oh let’s try the old register!” This was back during the first EMV chip update. Unfortunately same store didn’t do that this time.

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