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Monday, June 24, 2024
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RedBird Glitch or Doom? A Lesson in MS

Miles to Memories reported some disturbing news that has me on edge; RedBird isn’t loading at Target. In my frantic reading of all things RedBird, I have no news to share, bad or good. There is some hope that this is a glitch because ‘normal’ debit cards aren’t working either.

Faced with Insomnia from Minimum Spends, I have been hyper aware of the day that this would come. The anxiety stems from two issues: 1) Can I continue to purchase gift cards on credit? 2) Will Target’s computers accept them? As such, I do a test run to Target with one gift card then return with the maximum allowed as soon as it works. However, I live 100 miles from civilization so I can’t get to Target easily. This month, I didn’t go to Target on the first and second of the month to max out the deposits. I chose to wait. That is looking like a mistake.

To make matters worse, I foolishly MS’d on cards with lower min spend requirements to get them out-of-the-way instead of taking out the big boys first. That is a bigger mistake. Who cares about a lousy $100 statement credit when 75,000 MR points are on the line? In my defense, I like to methodically finish one card and then move onto the next instead of having balances all over.

Going forward, if RedBird does come back online, I will always reload the entire amount on the 1st and 2nd of the month and will prioritize which cards get dealt with based on their value.

Will I get that chance is the pressing question? I remain anxious.





  1. I just bought $1800 in the Staples deal, intending to take them to Target. Looks like I will have to go the money order route.

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