Pop In Pub Crawl: Lisbon, Portugal


Pub Crawl is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

A lazy way to see a city and make friends is a pub crawl. I’m not a big fan because it’s either an excuse to promote sex tourism or a sure-fire way to end up with a terrible hangover because the open bar is usually full of terrible toxins instead of quality cocktails. On the other hand, it’s far easier to meet people by joining a pub crawl instead of walking around solo. In Lisbon, I went to Barrio Alto and came across a group of crawlers. Instead of formally joining them, I hopped along from bar to bar until I met a different group of people and did the same.

A few drinks later, my new best friends and I went to Cais-do-Sodré, the Pink Street to visit for more bars. I left those friends and continued the cycle until this pop in pub crawl was over.

A view from above Pink Street

Do you sign up for pub crawls or do you prefer the pop in?

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