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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Bottom to Top: Doing Tourist Things in Lisbon

Doing Tourist Things in Lisbon is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

I wrote about seeing Luxembourg from Top to Bottom. Now it is time to see Lisbon from bottom to top.

Ginjinha do Rossio

After lunch in Rossio, it was time to explore. Liquid courage is needed for an impromptu adventure.

a man standing at a counter with a laptop a glass of liquid and a container of brown fruit a person pouring a glass bottle of liquid into a glass

Like many other tourists, I waited in line for a shot.

Bonjardim Restaurant 

After delicious cod, did I really need to eat more? Probably not, but when I read, “The best greasy spit-roasted chicken this side of Louisiana at the Bonjardim restaurant (Santo Antão, 11), appropriately nicknamed Rei dos Frangos,” (King of Chickens), on Lisbon’s  Wikitravel page, I had to check it out. Could it beat Nairobi’s Jus Chicken?

a tables and chairs outside of a building a piece of fried chicken on a white plate a plate with food on it

The chicken was pretty good but doesn’t compare to New Orleans or Jus Chicken.

Glória Funicular

This train was constructed in 1885 and is a national landmark. It connects the Pombaline downtown (at the Restauradores Square) with the Bairro Alto (Garden/ Overlook of São Pedro de Alcântara).

a large building with a crane in the background
Restauradores Square

It’s nice to see and good for pictures but not a must-do.

a train tracks in a city a group of people inside a trolley car a group of kids looking out of a window of a trolley a group of people sitting on a bus a steering wheel in a room a metal lever on a metal surface a gauge next to a red cylinder a train tracks between buildings a trolley car with graffiti on it a trolley car with graffiti on it

Bairro Alto

a city with red roofs and trees
Walk or tram, just make sure you get to the top.

The Descent 

The next step adventure is to walk to the bottom. I stopped at a brewery along the way.

a sign on a building a paper with text on it a group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant a cup of coffee and a glass of beer a purple flowers on a fence a wall with pink flowers and graffiti a street with cars and buildings a street with tables and chairs in a city

One More Dinner 

I wanted to relive the glory of the first cod restaurant and stopped at a random place for some wine and fish. It was good but doesn’t compare to the first experience.

a plate of food on a table a bowl of rice and tomato sauce with a spoonHaving reached the water, it was time to go return to the Radisson.

a tall grass and power lines
Christ the King in the distance

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