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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Cathay First Booked: Date Determined, Persistence Required

It may be Saturday night in NYC but all I can think about is an evening in December when TPOL will actually take flight. This morning I booked an imaginary flight from JFK to HKG via Vancouver with service to BKK to get one more round of luxury before the much ado about something, AA devaluation. I also booked a separate business class ticket from HKG back to America. The problem with the reservation was that the departing ticket came a month after the return ticket.

My plan was to change the departing flight later this year when the flight became available while preserving the glorious rate of 67,500 AAdvantage miles + $34.50 for 21 hours of Cathay First. Not fond of uncertainty and obviously obsessed, I kept searching for a flight that I actually would take. Dealing with British Airways slow search can drive a sane man insane. Well my friends, I can happily say that this Saturday night was not wasted as I found that ticket and it is now mine, all mine.

The best part of the phone call was the AA representative telling me that I would have  an hour on the ground in Vancouver which would allow me the chance to get off the plane, should I so desire.

I will most certainly waive that option.

I can almost taste the Krug champagne.
This is a 4 cabin flight
This is a 4 cabin flight. TPOL + 5 others or no one else

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