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Cathay First Booked: Dates TBD, Imagination Required

The criticism I receive for points travel is that I could not afford to perpetuate the lifestyle if I had to pay for my flights. I do not have to tell my points brethren why this, captain obvious, analysis is stupid. I will add that even when TPOL makes it big, I’m not going to spend $12,000 to fly to Hong Kong and feel good about it. With Devaluation Day quickly approaching, the opportunity to go to my favorite continent in class is going to be taken away from me.

Therefore, like everyone who went through the same ordeal with Hyatt DSUs, TPOL searched British Airways forwards and backwards with flights origination from Chicago, New York, Newark, Los Angeles, and San Francisco for a pre New Year departure in first class. There was absolutely nothing available for the entire month of December. The next step was to check the month of January. I didn’t want to search for anything before December because Cathay opens up first class close to the departure date making a booking in November or a prior month a solution for now but a headache later.

Again, there was nothing. That is until I clicked on a certain magical date and found the following:

That’s a lot of first class on Cathay

The problem I may have is finding this routing in December which could complicate trying to preserve my 67.5 price point. My argument is that any JFK-HKG flight should be able to be substituted because this itinerary is one flight number. Therefore, if the direct JFK-HKG opened up and this one didn’t I should be allowed to book it as well. I will continue to check for a route that doesn’t stop in Vancouver between now and ticketing. If this is all there is then I think it will still work.

As for the return, I locked in a comfortable business class journey home. Since I’ve already flown Cathay first from Hong Kong and in the interest to preserve AA miles for a more meaningful flight in the future, I am satisfied with the business class option apart from having to miss out on the champagne bar in the Cathay Lounge. It’s just Moet anyway.

Sold business class
Saying goodbye to 55k AA the right way


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