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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Samsung Z Flip Was a Flop

TPOL always has the latest electronic gadgets including a functioning Blackberry (see My Travel Technology). When my other phone, the Samsung S9+, stopped working I decided it was time for a change. No longer wanting to carry a phone with a 10-inch display, I was looking for something more compact. I thought I had found it in the Samsung Z Flip. I should have known better. First, the phone was supposed to be ‘mystic bronze.’ It is actually rose gold. Second, the phone is not water-resistant nor is it dust-resistant, something that doesn’t bode well for someone living on an island oasis (see July 28th: TPOL’s Victory Over Life Anniversary). Finally, the expected battery life was for less than one day.

After one month of using the device, I noticed air bubbles on the screen. How could a bendable ‘glass’ screen have air bubbles? As it turned out, the screen is not glass, it’s plastic. After another month, a mysterious line showed up in the middle of the phone. After yet another month, the bottom half of the phone gave out. And now almost the entire display is not working.

a foldable smartphone on a counter a flip phone with a screen a cellphone with a green screen

So long you pos phone. I hope the next one justifies the $1200 sticker price. Until then, it’s back to carrying a boombox phone with a gigantic display- Samsung S21 Ultra.



  1. Or if you actually read anything I have written over and over and over and over on this subject. But no, the consumer is like a parrot that only knows two words: “class action!” If you thought Mario gave me bad comments, you should read the ones I used to get on Frequent Miler.

    Here are all those articles:

  2. I hear what you are saying, but we consumers have basically no choice. Not my battle to fight. I’m sure Mitch McConnell will watch after my best interests.

  3. It is a shame that you lump the entire Z Flip experience to only your experienc. Every phone has lemons, even iPhone. You had a bad one, but for me it has been the best phone I have ever owned. I was a total Apple iPhone groupie, but this phone has totally moved me into the Android camp. Love this phone and can’t wait for the Z Flip 2. Got mine the first week of release and have had no problems with it. Highly recommended.

    • Shame is hardly the right word, nor am I lumping the entire Z Shit experience. I said my experience. I have had Samsungs since the iphone 4. I know how they’re supposed to be made. Also the new Z shit will be called the 3, they’re skipping 2.

  4. The ONLY reason a folding phone exists is Apple trolled Samsung by filing a patent 7 years and Samsung being the copier they are fell for it hook line and sinker – spending HUNDREDS of millions developing and manufacturing a device that since they did not actually an Apple one to copy could not figure how to make a working one in the RW. Bwahahaha. It’s CHEAPER to buy an iphone and a mini ipad. you can make Google calls from the mini and have a phone if that doesn’t work. Only the unknowng would buy Samsung for its “technology.”

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