Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino: A Typical Conference Hotel


The Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino Hotel Review is part of the Despacito! TPOL Moves to Puerto Rico Trip Report.

Getting There: There is no Uber at SJU airport. Pickups are not allowed there. The only option is to pay for a taxi in cash. To get to the hotel, I paid $23. 

Had I actually read the ticket, I should’ve seen that I was going to Zone 5 and paid $4 less. Pay attention to what the person at the taxi stand marks.

The Location 

The hotel is located next to the convention center. It faces the bay of San Juan and is near a Sizzler, a restaurant that is at the top of my bucket list since I already had Real Italian Food @ The Olive Garden Times Square. If you’re looking to be close to the beach or Old San Juan, pay the premium and stay in those locations.

The Hotel 

This is a typical Sheraton convention hotel with a huge lobby and a full-service bar for complaining about why your boss sent you to a tropical island to do work. 

Lobby vibes

The Casino 

TPOL is a gambler. He’s eventually moving to Albania. On this trip, I didn’t do any actual gambling, but the option is there should you want to become a millionaire.

The Room 

Prior to deciding to move to Puerto Rico, TPOL was there on business and had to share a room. Seeing two beds felt like a throwback to spring break. 

The View 

I had a room with a view of the convention center, the harbor, and the pool. Again, if you’re looking for ocean views, this is not the place. 

The Bathroom

By popular demand, here are pics of the bathroom: 

The Pool

Except for overwater bungalows in Maldives or Tahiti, I prefer the pool to the ocean. The Sheraton has a nice pool for sitting back and enjoying a bucket of beers and a refreshing pina colada (contrast with The Original Piña Colada Comes From a Slushy Machine?).

The Lounge

There is no free alcohol at the lounge! I repeat, there is no free alcohol at the lounge. I had a light snack and some coffee. The lounge is quasi-self service. Be prepared to tip or feel guilty about not doing so. 

The Breakfast

The breakfast is served in the lounge and was decent enough. I can’t complain about hot breakfast when the alternatives are no breakfast or a continental breakfast i.e., bagels. 


This is a decent hotel if you’re coming for work and looking to be near everything. If you’re on a holiday, I recommend staying in Old San Juan for the history and Condado for the beach.


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