Simply The Best: April 2019


I didn’t win the Freddie Award for kickass blogger because that isn’t an actual award category. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a spectacular April. Here are the top posts for April 2019:

  1. Guns & Butter: Tasmania Travel Guide

    Have you ever been to Tasmania or “Tassie” as it is called by locals? Here’s what you should do and not do while you are there.
  2. Detained in Israel? Check The Back of Your Passport

    If you’ve gone to Israel, take note of this advice.
  3. The Etiquette of Things: Getting Off An Airplane

    Today’s entry focuses on getting off of an airplane. It is meant for times when we inexplicably choose to fly Peasant Class.
  4. Centurion Lounge’s Buzzkill Entry Policy

    This experience validates why I don’t regret skipping airport lounges and why I cancelled my Amex Platinum. #prioritypassforlife
  5. Dancing Diplomacy: Why You Should Go to Nightclubs Abroad

    Dancing diplomacy – it’s better than being lonely on this planet.
  6. Where to Party Old San Juan: Best, Worst, Oldest, Grossest

    For my fellow Michigan grads, it reminds me of Rick’s American Cafe, only with expensive drinks. Those who have been to Rick’s will recognize these disgusting toilets, which is why this bar receives the distinction of grossest.
  7. Free Travel at Its Finest: Freddie Awards + New Orleans

    The award for sexiest booking to the Freddies may not go to me, but the one for most frugal probably should.

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