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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Simply The Best: December 2022

The year is over! TPOL is still the best. Here’s why:

  1. Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2022

    a man sitting on the ground
    Holistically not giving a shit about angry comments while at the World Cup.
  2. Epic Failure: Denied Boarding for the World Cup

    a man taking a selfie
    My Doha dreams were almost in the shitter where my Hayya visa picture was taken. I had to show this picture each time I went on the metro or into a stadium.
  3. Flight Review MIA-DOH: Qsuites to the World Cup!

    a black bag and a glass of orange juice next to a bag
    Despite the bad service and flu-like symptoms, this is still one of the best business-class experiences.
  4. The Guide to Buying Tickets for the World Cup And Other Big Events

    a large stadium filled with people
    I will follow this procedure: Gamble and buy tickets in advance at retail. I can always sell them if I don’t go. Wait until the day of the event when I am there to minimize the price gouging.
  5. MDE-MIA: My First Business Class Flight on AA, Worth It*?

    a plastic cup of orange juice
    Instead of paying $1,305 to fly from Medellin to Miami, I spent $82.78 and 22,000 Avios.
  6. Medellin: Wrong Airport, Bad Uber Location, What’s Next?

    a sign on a building
    We both said ducking Uber and were on our way.
  7. AA Flagship Lounge MIA: Drink Your Stress Away

    a bottle of liquid and a glass of liquid on a counter
    I was happy I had the chance to decompress with some drinks at the Flagship lounge.


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