Simply The Best: May 2019


Watch out now! It’s June. Here’s the best from May.

  1. Destination Fee Scam: At Least Tell Me the ‘Benefits’

    Destination fees are a scam, but it’s even worse when the ‘benefits’ are not disclosed.
  2. Make Corfu Greek Again! How Tourism Ruined an Island

    I once wrote how Boracy was closed because tourists had literally destroyed the island. The same can be said for parts of Corfu, Greece, which has been overrun with tourists and has become a disgusting haven for drunkards.
  3. Complaints: How Long Till You Let It Go?

    Do I just let complaints go simply because time has passed? Absolutely not.
  4. Freddie Awards 2019: Winner for Best Dressed And More

    The Freddie’s is turning into TPOL’S personal fashion show.
  5. Melbourne Airport Lounge Review: SQ vs. Centurion

    You have two lounges side by side: Amex and SQ Business, which one do you go to? If you’re conducting the official Melbourne airport lounge review, the answer is both.
  6. Stay Certificates: Saving Thousands in NY

    Who likes annual fees? After this week, I can say that I do, especially when it comes from my Bonvoy cards.
  7. Trademark Infringement? Hungry Jack’s vs. Burger King

    Burger King was shady with how it tried to infiltrate the Australian market. However, there is only one “Home of the Whopper” and it isn’t Jack’s house.

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