Southwest Lounge Review: Orange County


I’m broadcasting live from the Southwest Airlines Lounge in Orange County. After being denied entry to the Admirals Club Lounge (hoping I could skate by using my Prestige card) I am enjoying SWA’s massive lounge that includes McDonald’s, Subway, and Starbucks. There’s plenty of leather seats to sit down and do nothing while waiting for the delayed flight to Phoenix to depart.

The only lounges in John Wayne airport are Admirals and United. There aren’t any second-rate Prestige lounges nor a Centurion. This lead me to wonder why Southwest doesn’t have a basic lounge in its hubs. I see it as a value proposition that Southwest could add in to compete for business customers who more and more are flying Southwest. Like the airline itself, a Southwest lounge would be no frills, convenient, and affordable. Just something I thought I’d throw out there if the CEO of Southwest happens to be a TPOL subscriber.


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