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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Super Bowl 50: Dab On ‘Em

TPOL brings the official Super Bowl 50 preview and prediction as was done last year when the Patriots got lucky. Points nerds looking for a tangential relationship between sports and points hoarding need to understand that one of the best uses of points is to go to sports events throughout the world. I challenge anyone to rationalize paying thousands in cash for a room in sunny Santa Clara when points options are available.

Here is the official breakdown: 

Kubiak vs. Rivera

This Super Bowl the juggernaut of Belichick won’t be on the sidelines stealing play calls from the opposition and forcing them to throw the ball on the goal line when clearly a run is in order. Instead, you have a former member of the ’85 Bears in Rivera calling the shots for the Panthers. On the other sideline, you have a Kubiak doing his best impression of David Blatt by staying out of Peyton’s way.

Rivera does a great job of keeping his players loose but Peyton is actually on the field directly calling the shots.

Edge: Peyton by the nose of the football 

Manning vs. Newton

Unfortunately, the focus between these two great competitors is not on their talent but on outside, irrelevant issues. Will Peyton replicate the success of Elway and ride off into the sunset a hero? Will Peyton return next year to play for the Rams? Can’t we save the Elway comparisons and discussions about Manning’s future for Monday?

With Newton, the press is fixated with Cam’s personality. Does he play the game the right way? Does he celebrate too much? Is race a reason why people don’t like Cam?

Cam plays the game the right way, i.e., he plays to win the game and he does. Personally, I think Cam’s celebrations are annoying. I hate the Superman thing which he used to do even when they were losing. However, no one can hate on that dab though. The reason people don’t like Cam is because he’s annoying. He throws it in the opposition’s face when he scores and then tries to sanitize his behavior by giving a football away to a child. Come on man! You want to showboat, then showboat, but owe up to the fact that it is irritating.

There will always be ignorant people who hate someone because of race but in this case it’s more about his over-the-top antics that provokes the ire of the unbiased fan.

Now that we are done with the politics of football, let’s analyze the two QBs. Newton is big, can run, throw, and can finish at the goal line. Peyton is old, a perennial choke artist in the playoffs, and has nothing left in his arm.

Edge: Newton 

Anderson vs. Stewart 

Brady had great words to say about the Broncos’ Anderson but I think the MVP of the Super Bowl will be Stewart who will go for over 100 on that staunch defense which will be fixated on containing Cam.

Edge: Stewart 

Defense vs. Defense 

If you want to see how a team stops the read option, watch Denver. Demarcus Ware (who could’ve came to the Lions out of college) and Von Miller will be a force all game. Carolina also has a great defense but the press is so fixated with how much fun Cam is having playing the game that they overlook the Panthers defense.

Edge: Broncos

X-Factor Davis vs. X-Factor Ginn Jr. 

The Broncos have no chance unless the defense scores 14 and Vernon Davis gets the ball. Davis has been invisible in this offense but could avenge the 49ers losses if he gets involved. For Carolina, look for Ginn Jr. to use his speed and break a few big plays that could spark a blowout.

Edge: Carolina 

So who wins?

Did I mention that Greg Olsen plays for the Panthers? Who is going to stop him while containing everyone else? This game won’t be close. I expect a blowout of at least 14 points with nobody paying attention to either the halftime show or what happens after it.

Dab on ’em Carolina!




  1. Next year for the Superbowl, I’m going to Las Vegas and I’m going to bet $1000 on the team you predict will lose, lol.

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