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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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The Bleh Aloft Beijing Haidian

This is the conclusion of The Trip Report The Visa Run Keeps Running (October 2014) which started and ended in Mongolia with these stops along the way:

Here is the overview for this report: All in Business, All for $200 And $30,000 US AIR Miles

Getting There: I’m not an expert when it comes to Beijing but I do know the only way to get to this hotel is via taxi and it takes far longer than the 35-minute ride as quoted by the hotel, though the 120 yuan cost sounds about right.

The flight from KIX-PEK was the same worn out Air China business class product reviewed a couple of times in the Flight Reviews section. Since there’s nothing new to report there, I will focus on the hotel.

The Location 

My issue with the Aloft Beijing Haidian comes from the website’s own description: “Our name says it all—Aloft Beijing, Haidian—so our location’s kind of a no-brainer, in the bustling Haidian District of China’s vibrant capital city.”

There is absolutely nothing bustling about the Haidian District. We couldn’t find a restaurant that was open which may be due to the clueless staff who knew nothing about Haidian. All of their recommendations required taking a taxi or metro to the other side of town.

Rather than sit in the hotel, we set out to find some beer and food on our own. Thanks to our adventurous spirit, here’s what we ended up with:

DSC_0791 (Copy)
Peking Duck


The Room

Aloft=aloft comfort no matter where you go. It’s my favorite hotel for a quick one night stay.

Great aloft bed
Great aloft bed
aloft amenities
aloft amenities
aloft body wash
aloft body wash
aloft shampoo
aloft shampoo

The Hotel Itself 

The hotel itself was up to Aloft standards.

The lobby
DSC_0776 (Copy)
ice cream
DSC_0768 (Copy)
wxyz bar, same everywhere you go
Manhattan in Beijing
aloft beijing haidian
Starbury in Beijing
aloft beijing haidian
Yet to swim at an aloft pool

The Return to Ulaanbaatar 

A quick stop at the Air China Business Class Lounge and the visa run was done, for now.

DSC_0808 (Copy)
Same flight, different livery.








    • LOL not sure if you’re being facetious or serious but I usually take points over breakfast unless it’s a ridiculous breakfast like aloft Bangkok.

      Also, I think my flight way early. So no breakfast. Why don’t they have platinum lunch when I’m awake.

    • Oh, my apologies, I always ramble on about platinum breakfast.

      If I had to guess, I’d say it’s the typical aloft a la carte breakfast that’s Western like most alofts.

  1. With the exception of your early flight time, I would think it’s in the best interest for you to take the platinum breakfast to have a more fruitful review of the hotel. Small price to pay (250-500pt opportunity cost) for a more thorough review.

    • Perhaps but even if the breakfast was phenomenal, I wouldn’t recommend staying at this hotel. It is too far out of the way from the sites of Beijing and not convenient for the airport which is odd because Alofts are usually in great locations.

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