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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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The Hyatt DSU Aftermath

Did you book all your suite upgrades? Some people apparently got extras. Some people were able to book past February 28, 2017. I have no idea what I ended up with because some stays didn’t include confirmation emails. Checking Hyatt’s site doesn’t help because the reservation details give no indication of what kind of reservation it is, even though I tried to book cash n points.

In the end, this whole exercise may prove to be a waste of time as I don’t foresee myself going to Trinidad or Tobago, a suite upgrade reservation that I apparently booked. In the end, greed and my imagination got the best of me.

The real winner is Hyatt who stands to make money off of trips we did not plan to take and cash that we do not want to spend. Keep in mind that DSU require a cash or cash n points booking. I’ve found it more effective to show up at the hotel on a points booking and talk my way into an upgrade. That is free and does not require the time and stress that this artificial deadline created.

Who’s with me?

My 'basic' room at the PH Sydney
My ‘basic’ room at the PH Sydney


  1. I just messaged them 30 minutes ago on Twitter with a 1 sentence request to apply a DSU to my confirmation # and provided my HGP account #, and just got the confirmation e-mail that it was applied. Stop calling, start DMing on twitter.

  2. I DM’d HyattConcierge on Twitter when I first got on. It took them awhile to respond. But once they did they applied the DSUs quickly. This after 2 hours 45 min on hold. Thank god for Twitter

    • i didnt have a long hold time on the dozen times i called. I had more issues with the points balances going up, down, right, left and confirmation of the reservations with suites

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