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UrbanDaddy NYC: A Degenerate’s Best Friend

When in Bangkok, it’s hard to figure out where to go out. Luckily, I put together the Bangkok Travel Guide to at least point you in the right direction. The issue with my nightlife recommendations is that clubs close, hot spots change, and new places open. M1NT is the go to spot in Shanghai but many of the classic clubs like Club 88 are no longer in operation. Visiting Toronto a few weeks ago, it was sad to see that the club street had been converted to condo row.

I’ve gone out in NYC a few times and have lucked out by finding some fun places to party including One Oak, where a week after I went, Thabo Sefolosha’s season was cut short after a scuffle with the NYPD.

This weekend I have no concrete plans but my new best friend, UrbanDaddy, is ready to assist. UrbanDaddy is an app that I wish was available in cities outside of the US as it provides happy hour recommendations, nightclubs, and places of general debauchery based on your location.

Input the day of the week, the time, the location, and what you are looking for and UrbanDaddy will do the rest. By far the best use of the app is setting it to ‘I’m game for anything’ and going from there. Utilizing the app may be a new twist on the World’s Best Drinking Game, invented by yours truly.

The only problem with the app is that it won’t cut you off when it’s clearly time to go home, a lesson you’ll learn the day after when you’re struggling to type a blog post.

Myself should be called by its rightful name, solo mission
Myself should be called by its rightful name, solo mission

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