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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Worst Deal Ever for a Free Night?

Yo, I go by the name (I’m yo’ pusha)
Of Pharrell, from The Neptunes
And I just wanna let y’all know (I’m yo’ pusha)

If you’ve been reading BA, you may have noticed bloggers pushing the Capital One Venture X business card. The card has a 150k bonus offer after spending 30k in one month. Without the aid of MS or the means to manufacture SpaceX rockets (End of MS Means Get Your Life Together), I don’t know who could hit that minimum. Moreover, it isn’t a good value in terms of spend even if one did.

Now that I have that gripe out of the way, let me turn to two other offers, one slightly worth it and one astronomically absurd. If you have a Amex Hilton Business card (see Approved! Amex Hilton Business, IHG Business), you receive one free night after spending 4k. You also receive another free night after spending 15k by the end of the calendar year (emphasis added). A hoarder of points, I would much rather use hotel certs than points. As such, I forced myself to hit the 15k goal in order to have 2 nights at an upscale Hilton. I don’t find the Hilton certs to be that valuable because I have already been to most of the aspirational properties (see Hilton Weekend Certificate: Not Worth the 10k Spend). This time I have a specific use in mind. I will be staying at the Zemi Beach House in Anguilla as part of my effort to visit every island in my home, the Caribbean (see Rum Rum Caribbean Castaway Trip Report).

If I wanted to stay for a third night, I have 2 options: use my cache of Hilton points or spend more on my Hilton Amex. Option 2 brings me to the worst deal ever:

a screenshot of a card

If I spend $45,000 more by the end of December, I will receive an additional free night. Who’s going to do that? OMAAT?

When the last time you heard it like this? 

That’s 2 Clipse references in one post.



  1. I hit the bonus for venture x business. I’ve got a ton of spending for inventory and it doesn’t get better than 2x. Maybe look into getting the aspire or a second surpass for that free night.

  2. You’ll wipe this anyway but you’re wrong. I got the card this year and spent my way up to 40,000 for top tier status for this year and next. I also knew that I would be staying in London, so the extra $20K spend not only got me extra points but saved me over $500 for a room. That’s good value.

    • I am not wiping it away. It’s on topic. We can disagree. I find no value in diamond. I’ve had it. They treat me just as well when I have gold.

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